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This small-scale, intimate event will give you the opportunity to take our signature course, The Luxury Rental Academy, in a highly accelerated format.

In just 3.5 days, you’ll have done every single thing you need to purchase your first property and begin your lucrative journey into short-term and mid-term rentals. 


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Here’s my promise to you: 

Join us at this retreat, and at the end of the 3.5 days you will leave with everything you need already in place to buy your first (or next) property and begin investing in luxury short-term rentals and mid-term rentals leveraging my lucrative homeowners insurance strategy.

If you want, you’ll be able to leave the event and already have a property under contract.

How? Because during our time together, we’re putting in work.

Bring your laptop—we’re getting down to business.

During this retreat, we’re covering the first 4 modules of my signature course, The Luxury Rental Academy, live, together and in-person.

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Key Decisions

The best place to start is right at the beginning! We’ll review the Key Decisions that need to be made before you get started on your Luxury Rental Journey.

First, we’ll get clear on why you want to invest in real estate, and what your investment style is.

Then we’ll decide your Avatar AKA the guest you want your properties to cater to.

After that, we’ll put pen to paper (not literally—remember, you brought your laptop to this) and narrow down the best locations for your potential properties as well as get clear on the type of property you want to invest in.

Moving on, we’re getting clear on budget—down payment, mortgage rates, and possibly delving into creative financing options you haven't even thought of yet.  

Next on the list is gross revenue goals because let’s be real: Coming here was an investment, and you want to make money. 

Moving on to the strategic approach, we’ll review the 4 Key Strategies for a Successful Short Term and Midterm Rental portfolio. 

Then we’ll focus on tax efficiency, so you can feel confident about keeping most of your hard-earned dollar bills in your bank account.

And finally, risk mitigation! We’ll talk about protecting your property and earnings from market fluctuations, legal issues, and even natural disasters.  

Takeaway: You’ll have 8 Key Decisions solidified, forming a strong foundation for our time together and the rest of your investment journey.  

Identifying Your Market

Next, we’re going to Identify Your Market. Not only will you be working in-person with several experts, but you’ll have access to all the tools necessary to narrow down your list to 1-2 cities.

Using the C.R.O.W Method, you’ll list at least 5 cities (but more likely 10-20) that you’re looking to invest in.

Then you’ll apply the 15/50 Rule (more on that during the retreat) to shrink that list down to just 1-2 cities. 

And finally, you’ll use our proprietary Custom Profit Map tool (seriously, no one else in the industry has this—it was created by one of our expert coaches) to determine how much money you can possibly make off of properties in specific zip codes. 

If you’re super detail-oriented, you’ll have the option of weighing those properties against the 4R Checklist and seeing how they measure up again Regulatory Landscape, Regional Factors and more. 

Takeaway: You’ll have confidently found 1-2 cities to invest in.

Realtors & Lenders

Moving on, we’re going to identify Key Relationships that need to be built to ensure your success—Realtors and Lenders. 

Fact: All realtors are not created equal, especially when it comes to investment properties.  

You’ll learn exactly how to source and vet the perfect realtor, one who knows their stuff when it comes to investment properties and the local legislation—so you don't end up buying a property where short-term and mid-term renting is illegal. 

Next, we’ll show you how to get access to the best properties. To get first dibs on hot, off-market deals, you need that golden ticket: 

A pre-approval letter from your lender. 

I have an exclusive rolodex of lenders who are eager to work with you and have a proven track record of success, and I’m giving you access to it. Dive into the rolodex, find your lender, and work in-person with my expert coaches to discuss down payment strategies.

Takeaway: You’ll be clear on a down payment strategy that works for you, and have found lenders to reach out to for a pre-approval letter.

Selecting Your Property

Now for the fun part. We’re going to Select Your (Future) Investment) Property!

I’ll walk you through the PACQ framework all my students successfully use to select lucrative properties.

It’s my all-encompassing strategy for understanding your property's market position and setting the optimal rental price (so you can make as much money as possible every single month) 

Together, we’ll walk through how to assess a property’s: 

Proximity to key locations

Amenities it offers

How it Compares to other properties

And its overall Quality

You’ll then locate properties within your top 1-2 cities, compare them against this framework and I’ll even show you how to use my Cash Flow Calculator to evaluate all those potential properties.

Takeaway: You’ll have 3-5 potential, highly profitable investment properties picked out.

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The Luxury Rental Doctor

Dr. Rachel, originally from Haiti, possesses an unwavering drive to make a difference. 

As a doctor raised in Miami and burdened by $500K in student loans, she embarked on a relentless journey to pay them off without working 16 hour back-to-back shifts as a pharmacist.

That’s when she discovered the immense potential of AirBNB STR & MTR investing, and achieved remarkable returns through short-term real estate rentals.

Today, Dr. Rachel adeptly balances her roles as an owner/manager of 18 STR/MTR luxury rentals, devoted wife, mother, and Real Estate Coach.

Her passion lies in helping professionals create a fulfilling life through lifestyle real estate investing, and believes that just two properties can make a significant impact.

She is the co-author of international best-selling book Hospitable Hosts, and her expertise and captivating story have even landed her a feature on the Netflix series, Buy My House, showcasing her remarkable achievements.

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Meet the Experts

I’m not running this show by myself.

Inside my signature program, The Luxury Rental Academy, I bring in industry experts who specialize in design, market analysis, revenue management, listing optimization, tax strategy, passive revenue streams, and much, much more—it’s one of the most valuable aspects of the program.

And this in-person retreat is no different.

In fact, it’s better—because you’ll have the opportunity to work with them face-to-face in real life during our time together. 



A graduate of The Luxury Rental Academy and owner of Magnolia Accommodations, Annette is living, breathing, money-making proof that investing in real estate has the power to transform lives!

After growing her STR business and building her very own short-term rental property on the beach (!!!), Annette has retired from nursing!

She has since incorporated mid-term rentals into her portfolio, owns multiple properties and runs a successful real estate investment business that specializes in providing beautiful temporary living spaces that makes guests feel like they’re right at home. 

She’s based in Jacksonville, Florida and currently servicing the Houston, Texas and Marietta, Georgia area. 

As an expert in Operations Management, Annette will share valuable insights on how to profitably run investment properties remotely, streamline your team from anywhere in the world and easily curate high-end, white-glove client interactions that have them leaving 5-star reviews, extending their stays and booking your property time and time again.


Mid-Term Rentals

Ruben is the definition of a host with the absolute most.

Licensed real estate agent and co-author of international best-selling book Hospitable Hosts, he’s also the co-founder of Invested Escapes, a temporary housing provider in Georgia with a portfolio of owned and managed properties. 

Leveraging his expertise and industry connections, Ruben helps investors 2-5x their rental income by landing mid-term rental insurance contracts!

He’s also the co-founder of the national Midterm Rental Insurance Network™️ helping real estate investors increase occupancy and profitability while helping displaced families nationwide.

Ruben owns Invested Talent, a podcast & video production company for real estate professionals in the short term rental and multifamily space. 

His agency also produces his show The Real Estate Experiment, with 200+ episodes featuring guests exceeding $2 billion worth of real estate owned and operated combined. 

Having fostered deep relationships with the top insurance companies & temporary housing providers in the nation, Ruben will bring his connections and expertise to this event—and coach you on how you can pivot and penetrate this midterm rental (insurance) industry quickly and profitably!

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Whats Included?

The value you will receive over our 3.5 days together is priceless,
but here’s the breakdown (and everything that’s included when you join us at this year-end retreat).

  • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner included ($1,500 Value)
  • VIP Exclusive Luxury Afternoon ($3,500 Value)
  • 3 Full days of STR immersion with Dr. Rachel & Industry Experts ($12,000 Value)  
  • LRA Course Content (Lifetime Access) ($10,000 Value)
  • Welcome Mixer with all attendees and some of our experts ($6,000 Value)
  • Event replays for FREE! ($4,000 Value)

Plus! Bonuses (who doesn’t love a good bonus?)  

  • Pre-Package, Swag & Welcome Package ($2,200 Value)
  • Half Day VIP-Level Training with Ruben Kanya on Mid-Term Rentals ($6,000 Value)
  • The Funding SuperPack ($497 Value)
  • Direct Booking Hack ($997 Value)
  • Virtual Intensive ($5,497 Value)

Total Value: $52,191 USD 

Your Investment $9,997

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To ensure that every single attendee gets results and receives high-touch support
from both Dr. Rachel and all of our Expert Guests,

we are strictly limiting attendance to just 20 people total for this entire event.

No exceptions.

Why this Retreat is Different!

You’ll come to this retreat ready to take action so you can buy your first (or next) investment property.

And you’ll leave with everything you need ALREADY in place to begin investing in luxury short-term rentals and mid-term rentals leveraging my lucrative homeowners insurance strategy.

Read that again.

Not only am I giving you the formula for success…

I am going to be in a room with you for 3.5 days straight, along with my team of experts, going through all 4 modules line by line with you. 

When you travel back home on Sunday, you will have all your key decisions figured out, your target market crystal clear, your realtors & lenders outlined and ready to be called, and multiple properties on your radar.

You can come to the retreat on Thursday and leave on Sunday with a property already under contract. 

Yes, it’s possible. 

That’s why the MTR Wealth Retreat Accelerator is different.

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