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Signature Courses, Free Trainings, & More

Start Building Your Lucrative Cash-Flow Rental Portfolio


Signature Courses, Free Trainings, & More

Start Building Your Lucrative Cash-Flow Rental Portfolio

These resources are designed to meet you where you’re at, no matter where that may be

Learn how to make smart investments in the short-term rental market and build lasting wealth!

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The Luxury Rental Academy!

An engaging, comprehensive and one-of-a-kind program designed to help medical professionals generate a profitable and secure source of income through Luxury Short-Term Rentals.

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The Mid-Term Rental Intro Bundle

Dr. Rachel’s students have already generated Tens of Thousands of Dollars using these resources—but you can access them right now for just $47.

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The 6-Figure Mid-Term Rental Workshop

Steal the STR Strategy That Made My Student $36,804.90 in 2 Months!


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The Mid-Term Rental Arbitrage Academy

Discover how to source, launch, and scale a profitable rental arbitrage in as little as 2 months. 
Without needing to invest tens of thousands of dollars upfront!

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Top 75 US Cities With the Highest Profitability for Short-Term Rental Investing

Get instant access to this must-have list to break into the luxury short-term rental market! 

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AirDNA Workshop

Confidently assess how much profit ANY property will make before you buy it! 

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Get the money together to invest in a luxury short-term rental property!

Funding Super Pack

With the info inside this super pack, you can discover all the money you need for your next big step in the industry.

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Strategic Revenue Tune-Up

Congrats on finding a property, preparing it, and getting great reviews. Maximize profits with revenue manager Tim Speicher's personalized pricing and performance reporting services.

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Dr. Rachel's Shopping Kit

The most sought after products by travelers and highly rated list of luxury rental essentials products

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