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Inside my signature program, I teach my students how to make big money primarily through luxury short-term real estate. 

STR is my passion, but I began taking on insurance clients and housing them midterm in my luxury properties. It was a huge money-maker, and I knew I had to share it with my people.

When I opened up and revealed my MTR strategies with my students, they absolutely loved it! Before long, they began to implement mid-term rentals into their own portfolios—and they made some serious bank

Using this strategy, my incredible student Karima made $36,804.90 in 2 Months

To share her success, I interviewed her live inside my community—and it blew up! Everyone wanted to learn more about this crazy lucrative MTR strategy that helped a teacher make nearly her entire annual salary in just 2 months.  

When I first opened up the doors to the 6-Figure Mid-Term Rental Insurance Workshop,

The Hype Was Real

The tickets sold like hotcakes, people were trying to register past the deadline, and then those who couldn’t register were asking for the recordings after the fact. ūüė≥

To this day, I still have people asking me when I’m hosting another workshop or if they can get access to the replays! 

It’s so obvious that the information shared inside is worth its weight in gold. ūüíé

Needless to say, the 6-Figure Mid-Term Rental Insurance Workshop is the most popular workshop I’ve ever held to date.

Check out these mtr wins
So I decided to give the people what they wanted

I created a workshop



I’ve only held this workshop once and it was a packed house, but there are still tons of folks out there who missed out on it. 

Are you one of them?

This is your opportunity to reap all the benefits of the workshop if you didn’t make it, didn’t hear about it, or didn’t know me back then!

Inside the 6-Figure Mid-Term Rental Insurance Workshop Recordings is all the info that is essential to your success as a real estate investor.

This workshop will show you how to…

Identify the best properties to attract High-Paying insurance clientele

Professionally respond to guest inquiries, even the ones that throw you for a loop

Register your property on the correct portals (with a video walkthrough)

Structure your proposal so that it gets approved every time (includes contract review)

Know how much in refundable and non-refundable deposits to request and why

The 2 property set-up options and why 1 set up is 3X+ more profitable than the other

The top 2 amenities that demand the highest revenue and will make your property your potential client’s #1 choice 

Low-tech direct-booking hack that will add at least $1,000 to your bank account

PLUS You’ll walk away with my Mid-Term Rental templates and swipe files I actually use in my very own STR business and shared with my students—which means they are proven to work. This includes… Workshop
the 6 figure mid-term rental
  • ALE Solutions Proposals & SOPS to save you time and give you the option to quickly scale (if you want!)
  • Email Campaign Templates so you can advertise your property and predictably book high-end guests
  • Pet Addendums to expand your target audience and protect your property (with 2 versions)
  • MTR Insurance Math Worksheet so you can feel confident with what you’re charging, spending and profiting
  • MTR Insurance Roll Out the Red Carpet Communication Template to easily handle guest inquiries while curating a white-glove experience for them
  • Additional Rules that make all the difference but many hosts skip over!
  • Comprehensive Guide to Hosting Insurance Guests

In Just 1 Month After Taking This Workshop, We landed a $40,000 contract

On ONE Property!

Paid by Homeowners Insurance!

This just in

This is a must-attend workshop if …

  • You're hungry for success, ready to dive into everything there is to know about mid-term insurance rentals in record time.¬†
  • You're dead serious about squeezing every ounce of potential from your rental property!
  • You're ready to bring your rental property portfolio back into alignment and unleash its full potential. No more settling for subpar properties, strategies, & results!!
  • You're DONE with with the low ball offers that insult your property's worth. It's time to show them what you've got and demand what you deserve!
  • You're burnt out by all the turnovers of short-term rentals. Say goodbye to that headache and hello to the land of mid-term rentals where the real money & freedom flows.¬†
  • You're DONE¬†settling for the grind when you can experience the sweet taste of time-money freedom!
  • You're willing to put in the work because you're tired of sitting on the sidelines.
  • You're tired of not knowing where to market and struggling to get ANY or consistent mid-term rental insurance inquiries!
  • You're tired of those never-ending inquiries from insurance agencies & guests that go nowhere? Ugh, talk about frustrating!
  • You're ready to work SMARTER and not HARDER!!

Let's not forget why you got into investing in the first place ‚Äď you didn't want to end up with just another W2 job. You had bigger dreams and aspirations, aiming to create a life where you call the shots and financial independence is your reality. It's time to make that vision a thriving, cash-flowing, mid-term rental empire.¬†It's time to reclaim your sanity and your success. Let's go!

If you checked these boxes, then you’re ready to invest! 

You have ONE option:



5,497 USD

Payment Plans Available  
  • Self-Paced¬†Mid-Term Rental Workshop
    • Walks you through the strategies my student used to generate $36,804.90 in 2 months
    • Covers every single thing you need to know to be profitable and successful with mid-term rentals¬†down to the finest detail. ,¬†This leaves no stone unturned!
    • Unlimited Access to the¬†6-Figure Mid-Term Rental Insurance Workshop Recordings¬†forever¬†
  • My Mid-Term Rental Resource Library - Templates and Swipe files:¬†These are the files I actually use in my very own STR business! Includes‚Ķ
    • Proposals & SOPS¬†to say goodbye to the guesswork.¬† Use this swipe file to effortlessly close deal & secure the booking.¬†¬†
    • Email Campaign Templates¬†so you can advertise your property and predictably book¬†lucrative MTR guests¬†
    • Pet Addendums¬†to expand your target audience and protect your property
    • MTR Insurance Math Worksheet¬†so you can feel confident with what you‚Äôre charging, spending and profiting
    • MTR Insurance Roll Out the Red Carpet Communication Template¬†designed to effortlessly handle inquiries and ensure speedy booking confirmations!
    • Comprehensive Guide to Hosting Insurance Guests
    • Additional Rules¬†that make all the difference but many hosts skip over!
  • ¬†Access to the¬†VIP-Rolodex - My HIGH Value Directory of My PERSONAL contacts from temporary Housing Agencies Nationwide
    • Access a comprehensive directory of ALL national temporary housing agencies (Name, Phone, Email addresses)
    • Step-by-step guide for finding TOP local temporary housing solutions your desired area
    • Rolodex for top temporary housing agencies nationwide¬†


  • LIVE Q&A with Rachel Ruben
  • Exclusive¬†¬†access to our¬†PRIVATE¬†MTR¬†Network¬†where high-level midterm rental members¬†converge!!
    • The epitome of "Your NETWORK is your NET WORTH!!"
    • Engage in a safe and transparent space to ask questions, share wins, struggles
    • Witness demos, tap into resources, get industry updates, and receive clarifying responses from peers & experienced pros!
    • Foster valuable connections, unlock your potential, and share your journey with like-minded individuals in this extraordinary community.
  • 3¬†Sessions (1 per month) Group Q&A w/ Dr. Rachel¬†
  • 3¬†Sessions (1 per month) Group Q&A w/ Ruben Kanya¬†
  • 3¬†Sessions (1 per month)¬†Expert MTR Coaching Calls Portal¬†
  • MTR Network Deals¬†where you could receive access to exclusive pre-selected MTR Deals¬†
  • Access to up to 2 states w/ MTR Leads where you can list up to 2 of your properties to be added to our LIVE list!
  • MTR Listing advertises on our Website
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clients & communities properties

Sevierville, TN

Ronald, WA

Kissimmee, FL

online interactions

“I’m excited to announce my second Medium Term Rental! Earlier this year I converted my basement into a furnished apartment for traveling nurses. (Paying 100% of my entire mortgage) I am now converting my long term rentals into medium terms as the leases expire. THis should increase my profitability to the point that I will hit my financial freedom number once all of my units are converted. Rachel, thank you for your guidance!"

Kim K. - Executive, Georgia

“I want to send a huge THANK YOU to Rachel who took me under her wings and helped me book my first corporate rental in a mind blowing 4 days and at 4 whopping $9k/months! I told her I was selling my house, she ran some algorithms, sent me the projected rental income, walked me through the process, and in days I was officially in business!”

Karima H. - Teacher, Georgia

"Woohoo!! My vacation rental listing went from Page 17 to Page 1. Thanks Rachel for all your help! Can’t wait for the booking to start rolling in”

Debbie K. - Investor, Georgia

“Hey rachel, we just closed our first deal for 8  months at $4500  per month. That’s HUGE for us in this market. I appreciate all your help in getting this done! You’re a huge motivation for us Pharmacist folks and such a go-getter. Thanks for getting me to think creatively and start building “systems” that are crucial for any business venture. You have been a huge asset/resource for our short term rental endeavors. Thanks again Rachel!!”

Mason G. - Pharmacist, Idaho