$4,997.00 USD


The 6-Figure Mid-Term Rental Insurance Workshop - Lifetime Access Products


What People Are Saying:

I couldn't have done it without you, Dr. Rachel. Thanks so much for your help and getting me across the finish line. I'm excited about this new business venture that we're delving into. I got my first MTR booked by a family impacted by a tornado. The booking is for $7,600/month and the mortgage on the property is $1500/month! All paid by homeowners insurance. I'm loving this spread! Now I can use the funds to buy my first STR, a beach condo.

Sophia, Attorney

During the last call I attended, Rachel suggested I send a monthly newsletter to any insurance placement people that have ever reached out to me personally. Already paying off! Just got a reply they're looking for housing ASAP! Thanks Rachel!

Dr. Sara C