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The 6-Figure MTR Intro Bundle


  • Everything You Need to Host a Mid-Term Rental Guest Checklist
  • The Framework of A Profitable Mid-Term Rental  
    • Includes a 9 step-by-step process from the initial inquiry to delivering the notice to vacate
  • 🌟 PLUS! Exclusive, Never-Before-Seen Masterclass Hosted by Dr. Rachel! 
  • 4 Secrets to Successfully Break Into The Luxury Mid-Term Rental Space
    • What Are Mid-Term Rentals: A Comprehensive Breakdown for Beginners
    • How Much Can They Really Pay: Negotiate The Highest Possible Nightly Rate Without Scaring Off Insurance Companies
    • The Real Pros & Cons of Insurance Clients: The Truth About Hosting (And Why It’s Totally Worth It!)
    • Little-Known Tricks to Gain Visibility At a Higher-Level: How to Become The Go-To Option for Lucrative Insurance Clients

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